Digital Maturity (20/20)

Real time monitoring   The main digital companies keep track of key performance indicators such as the frequency at which digital communications are used, measure KPIs against digital priorities and ensure follow up on the comments received both positive and negative. When Starbucks launched a new POS system; administrator’s transactions recorded on...
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Digital Maturity (19/20)

Talent and organization   Beyond strategy, capabilities, and culture, the leading digital companies use a broad set of consistent practices in talent, processes and structure. In the next two sections we break down connections talent and monitoring to be carried out systematically and preferably in real time. It is necessary to carry...
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Digital Maturity (18/20)

Learning curve Companies with high DQ instead of waiting for the perfect conditions for a product launch or delay in market feedback; leaders take action at that time apparently dead. Leaders continue to track trends and to react to market rather quickly. Then you can worry to measure interest, collect consumer reactions,...
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Digital Maturity (17/20)

Fast and agile culture While there is more than one way to get on the road to digital maturity many companies can start to implement their operations culture of speed, flexibility, external orientation, and the ability to learn the appropriate digital area to work. . Many companies with high scores on the...
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Digital Maturity (16/20)

The right strategy Executives must reach a common vernacular about what the term "digital" means to them. It must be that the starting point for success is the development of a clearly defined and coherent digital strategy that is fully integrated with the overall goals of the company. Without this deep alignment,...
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Digital Maturity (15/20)

Increasing your Digital Quotient (DQ) With the pace of change in the world around us; It can be difficult to remember that the digital revolution is still in its early days. There have been massive changes since the packet switching network and the microprocessor was invented nearly 50 years ago. A look...
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Digital Maturity (14/20)

Mesurement and refinement With independent content, social networks separate accounts and separate programs for each market affiliation, should not be difficult to track the effectiveness of marketing by linguistic group. Make sure the package statistics can give you direct feedback by language or national market. You also want to keep track of...
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