Digital Transformation (14/15)

Customer Contact Customer service can be improved significantly by digital initiatives. For example, a bank established a Twitter account to respond to customer complaints quickly, helping customers avoid physically go to a branch. This digital initiative also took a community of experts, allowing crowdsourcing with several employees and other customers. Companies with...
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Digital Transformation (13/15)

Companies are using technology to improve sales conversations in person. For example, financial services companies are using presentations based on the tablet instead of slide shows on paper to make sales pitches. Insurance companies are introducing mobile tools to help sales people and customers to participate in planning based on analytics. A...
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Digital Maturity (19/20)

Talent and organization   Beyond strategy, capabilities, and culture, the leading digital companies use a broad set of consistent practices in talent, processes and structure. In the next two sections we break down connections talent and monitoring to be carried out systematically and preferably in real time. It is necessary to carry...
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Am I a martial artist?

  As I was hitting the bag today at my local gym for some strange reason the question popped into my mind. Am I a martial artist? I started thinking about the process of becoming the fighter I am today. I had to stop hitting the bag because both processes demanded my...
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I am currently the President of my latest venture, LJ solutions. I am a Software System Engineer with a Master in System Security. I am an expert in Web Development, E-Commerce, Computer Repair and Internet Marketing. My goals include a Doctorate in Computer Science and a government contract within a year.