transformacion digital

Transformación Digital (15/15)

Transformando los procesos operacionales A pesar de que la experiencia del cliente transformado es más visible - y posiblemente más emocionante; otros aspectos de la transformación incluyen el hecho de que muchas empresas también se están dando cuenta de los beneficios muy fuertes de la transformación de los procesos internos a través...
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Digital Transformation (14/15)

Customer Contact Customer service can be improved significantly by digital initiatives. For example, a bank established a Twitter account to respond to customer complaints quickly, helping customers avoid physically go to a branch. This digital initiative also took a community of experts, allowing crowdsourcing with several employees and other customers. Companies with...
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Digital Transformation (13/15)

Companies are using technology to improve sales conversations in person. For example, financial services companies are using presentations based on the tablet instead of slide shows on paper to make sales pitches. Insurance companies are introducing mobile tools to help sales people and customers to participate in planning based on analytics. A...
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Digital Transformation (12/15)

The three main building blocks with which firms are digitally transforming the customer experience points are: understanding the customer, top-line growth and customer contact. Understanding customer Companies are beginning to leverage previous investments in systems to gain a thorough understanding of the geographies and specific market segments. Some are exploring social media...
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Digital Transformation (1/15)

  Digital Transformation? Digital technologies - the ways which we use our personal, business and society - have radically changed the world of sales. That's why everyone tells you and it's pretty obvious. Digital transformation is the name of the game, but what is that game and why is it so important?...
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Digital Maturity (20/20)

Real time monitoring   The main digital companies keep track of key performance indicators such as the frequency at which digital communications are used, measure KPIs against digital priorities and ensure follow up on the comments received both positive and negative. When Starbucks launched a new POS system; administrator’s transactions recorded on...
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Madurez Digital… Todo lo que necesitas saber (18/20)

Prueba y aprendizaje Empresas con alto DQ en lugar de esperar por las condiciones perfectas para el lanzamiento de un producto o del retraso en la retroalimentación del mercado; los lideres toman acción en ese tiempo aparentemente muerto. Los líderes siguen pistas, tendencias y reaccionan para poner en el mercado algo rápidamente....
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