Digital Transformation (15/15)

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Transforming business processes

Although the transformed customer experience is more visible – and possibly more exciting; other aspects of transformation include the fact that many companies are also realizing the benefits of strong internal transformation through the digitization of processes, enabling workers and performance management.

Process automation

Automation can allow companies to focus their people on more strategic tasks. A manufacturer has begun to centralize the human resources function, enabling economies of scale through self – service while freeing HR people “focus on expanding the powers of the manager, instead of counting days off. “a specialty materials company has automated many processes of R & D. the automation allows researchers to focus on innovation and creativity instead of repetitive strain. It also creates data streams that can be useful in later data mining efforts.

A paint manufacturer has created fully automated plants that significantly reduce labor requirements, improve product quality and improve the environment, health and safety performance. A clothing company has moved into the digital design process by working with manufacturing partners. Going digital eliminates most need to send physical prototypes back and forth, reducing the life cycle of product development by 30%.


The days of wanting to digitally transform your business are over. Nowdays it is a must. You cannot longer keep manual records in a digital world. You cannot keep adding manpower to your operations to fill in the operational gaps of your organization. Have you realized that a well developed custom site tipically has a 150% investment return in the first year alone? Do not wait any longer for something that after all you are bound to do or be swept by the current. Contact me  for a free process analysis that could save your organization thousands of dollars. Don’t be swept.


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