Digital Transformation (12/15)

The three main building blocks with which firms are digitally transforming the customer experience points are: understanding the customer, top-line growth and customer contact. Understanding customer Companies are beginning to leverage previous investments in systems to gain a thorough understanding of the geographies and specific market segments. Some are exploring social media...
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Digital Transformation (11/15)

The Digital Transformation in various industries Every business is different. However, many of the lessons we learn from leading companies show that the digital transformation shows very similar aspects in all industries. However, it is also important to consider your business and, of course, your industry. Two types of company that can...
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Digital Transformation (10/15)

Activation of intelligent information In a context of digital transformation it is' information management and critical data, but it is not enough. In the current and detailed data-based business, ideas, intelligence and actions mornings are the most important: the results. That's where context, semantics, artificial intelligence and activation come into play. With...
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Digital Transformation (9/15)

Impellers Transformation There are three key factors of transformation: changing consumer demand, changes in technology and changes in competition. These, of course, are an ecosystem and it is always a convergence of factors that cause changes in a market. When any of these factors coincide so that a "business operating model is...
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Digital Transformation (8/15)

Digital transformation and marketing In the same way that the customer experience is a catalyst in many digital conversion projects, but also has become fundamental in marketing, services and customer-facing processes. Marketing is one of the many areas in digital transformations take place (even leading to confusion with which the transformation of...
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