Do’s and Don’ts for effective website development

It never stops to amuse me the amount of websites that are being developed without any type of marketing behind them. I do not blame the customers in most instances because they don’t know how this works. I blame the developers for not educating their customers. I am really good at explaining...
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Marketing is just a fancy word for selling

How to sell your product without breaking your bank One of the greatest misconceptions that I have encountered from startup organizations is that the marketing budget must be kept to the minimum until sales can support the marketing expenses.  That is the most contradictory statement that I have ever heard of.  It...
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I am currently the President of my latest venture, LJ solutions. I am a Software System Engineer with a Master in System Security. I am an expert in Web Development, E-Commerce, Computer Repair and Internet Marketing. My goals include a Doctorate in Computer Science and a government contract within a year.