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Digital Transformation (11/15)

The Digital Transformation in various industries Every business is different. However, many of the lessons we learn from leading companies show that the digital transformation shows very similar aspects in all industries. However, it is also important to consider your business and, of course, your industry. Two types of company that can...
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Digital Transformation (9/15)

Impellers Transformation There are three key factors of transformation: changing consumer demand, changes in technology and changes in competition. These, of course, are an ecosystem and it is always a convergence of factors that cause changes in a market. When any of these factors coincide so that a "business operating model is...
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Digital Transformation and user experience

In most projects digital transformation of the customer experience and user experience (remember that both are not the same) are the protagonists. Customer experience, however, is a catalyst and promoter of many digital transformation efforts. Customer experience does not belong to one department and a transformation approach, by definition, includes various stakeholders,...
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Transformación Digital (8/15)

Transformación digital y comercialización De la misma manera que la experiencia del cliente es un catalizador en muchos proyectos de conversión digital, pero también se ha convertido en fundamental en marketing, servicios y procesos orientados al cliente. El marketing es una de las muchas áreas en las transformaciones digitales tienen lugar (incluso...
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¿De autoempleado a empresario? Las 10 tecnicas que garantizan la prosperidad tu negocio.

Un día, cuando decidí como pocos tomar la decisión mas importante y arriesgada de mi vida, cuando sin esperarlo decidí soltar la seguridad de un trabajo ordinario de esos que uno consigue aquí en el Ecuador de 8 am hasta quien sabe que horas de la noche y empezar a ser mi propio...
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Digital Maturity (13/20)

Key word analysis based on the geographical location Once the systems for the management of site content in each language are in place, it's time to think about the creation and improvement of content. This is where the keyword strategy comes into play. When you think about it, it is obvious that...
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How to grow a business in 21 steps (Day 5)

Page Rank A page rank tool is one that allows you to know where you are standing regarding the traffic of your site. There are three components of your site ranking that, in my personal opinion, are the most important; Alexa page rank, prcheck and keyword ranking. Allow me to explain further...
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