How to grow a business in 21 steps (Day 4)

Develop a marketing plan Now that you have your mission statement in place (if not click on this link) it is time to develop a marketing plan. A marketing plan can be defined as a blueprint of the marketing efforts of your organization. A document where you will define your marketing goals...
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How to grow a business in 21 steps (Day 3)

[caption id="attachment_502" align="aligncenter" width="1735"] what is your mission question - chalk handwriting on blackboard[/caption] Write a mission statement A mission statement is nothing but a few sentences that capture the essence of your business goals. It should answer the following questions; why are you in business? Who are your customers? How do...
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How to grow a business in 21 steps (Day 2)

Develop a business plan The fact that you are conducting web marketing efforts does not mean that you do not have to engage into traditional business planning. The business plan speaks out loud the future of your company. It is a document that tell what your goals are how you are planning...
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How to grow a business in 21 steps (Day 1)

STEP 1. Web Marketing Web marketing refers to the practice of advertising on the internet and using this powerful tool to deliver promotional messages to future clients as well as existing ones. It is not limited to a website and its content but search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media marketing,...
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I am currently the President of my latest venture, LJ solutions. I am a Software System Engineer with a Master in System Security. I am an expert in Web Development, E-Commerce, Computer Repair and Internet Marketing. My goals include a Doctorate in Computer Science and a government contract within a year.