Digital Transformation (13/15)

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Companies are using technology to improve sales conversations in person. For example, financial services companies are using presentations based on the tablet instead of slide shows on paper to make sales pitches. Insurance companies are introducing mobile tools to help sales people and customers to participate in planning based on analytics. A sales force of medical devices are replacing in-person interactions with digital interactions. When visiting a doctor’s office, a salesperson leaves an iPad with video and other information about new products. The goal is to get the attention of the doctor – without bothering the doctor or affect busy office schedules – in order to get a 10-minute conversation when the seller acquired again IPAD.

A better understanding helps companies transform sales experience. Companies are integrating purchasing data customers to provide more personalized sales and customer service or even to offer customized product packages. A company dedicated to the hospitality of location-based marketing analysis used to send personalized mobile coupons to customers, as near a facility; then the company can track uptake in real time. A mortgage company is creating a CRM strategy to link customers to local real estate referrals. This system proposes new offers in real time over the Internet.

Other companies are using concept stores as flagships of their innovations digital sale. For example, a mortgage company offers investors an integrated process that combines real estate and banking services with external services – and shows the overall process in a superstore concept.

Some companies try to make the life easier for the customer, simplifying processes through a plug-in digital. A retailer automatically loads the latest list of online purchase of a client on your ecommerce site. This simplifies the purchasing process, allowing customers more time to look at other products. Customers can then decide whether to use the delivery or service “drive-through” with a specific pickup time.



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